In 1998 Jesse joined up with a group of talented designers and developers to create a company called Fusion Media Group in Calgary, Alberta. Jesse helped grow the company to 20 people and just under a million dollars in revenue within the first three years of operation.

After four years working as a director with FMG, Jesse left the company to pursue an opportunity working with an international software development company. As creative director he was responsible for branding software products and developing user interface designs for web-based software solutions.

In 2002 Jesse co-founded the Defrost Network (, a community for creative professionals, and it’s sibling, Defrost Design Works (, which provides advertising and digital communications services to both local and international clients.

Jesse is passionate about photography and has built a business ( around that area of interest, helping talented photographers market themselves and find projects.

Jesse has launched two new social networks. The first is Model Republic ( which is targeted at models, makeup artists, photographers, stylists and other fashion industry professions to find castings and showcase their work. The second is Gurutropolis, which is targeted at the personal and professional development market.

Over the last 12 years Jesse has worked with a wide range of clients all over the world including Mandalay Entertainment (Hollywood), Pacific Century Group (Hong Kong), World Wide Corporate Networks (New York), CDS Consulting (Tokyo), RGF Executive (Singapore), Shaw Cable (Calgary), CGGVeritas (Paris) and Spot Cast (London) developing online and offline marketing campaigns and advertising strategies.

Jesse is currently enrolled at Mount Royal University and is working on a degree in Journalism.


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